UPA ICT Undiksha Prepares Integrated System for UNIMA

Singaraja, March 14, 2024 – Ganesha Education University (UNDIKSHA) has strengthened collaboration with Manado State University (UNIMA) to develop an integrated system that is efficient and effective. In facing the next step in this partnership, Undiksha’s Information and Communication Technology Academic Support Unit (UPA ICT) held an internal discussion with the system development team, highlighting the importance of documentation to facilitate the use of the system that will be adopted by UNIMA.

Since the announcement of the previous collaboration, UNIMA’s focus on adopting an integrated system similar to Undiksha has been in the spotlight. In preparation for this step, Undiksha together with UPA ICT has been actively involved in intensive discussions. The discussion aims to prepare documentation detailing the use and performance of the system to be adopted by UNIMA.

“This step is very important to ensure that UNIMA can adopt and use the system smoothly and effectively,” said I Ketut Resika Arthana, S.T., M.Kom., Head of UPA ICT Undiksha. “With solid documentation, we want to ensure that users at UNIMA have a solid understanding of how the system they will be using works.”

One of the main goals of this discussion is to design business processes that are easy for users to understand. The UPA ICT Undiksha team is trying to prepare clear documentation for each system so that users at UNIMA can quickly adapt to the new system.

Next, UPA ICT together with the development team will plan a system demo which will be delivered to UNIMA. It is hoped that this demo will provide a clear picture of the functionality of the system to be adopted, ensuring that UNIMA is ready to implement it successfully.

With the spirit of the strong partnership between UNDIKSHA and UNIMA, the two institutions hope to achieve significant achievements in the development of this integrated system. Further steps are anticipated to strengthen this collaboration, creating a more efficient and innovative learning and teaching environment at both universities.