Information Communication and Technology Technical Implementation Unit (UPT ICT) provides ICT services to the entire academic community of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha. Along with the development of the services offered, it is expected that service users will have awareness and play an active role in maintaining the safety and security of devices or systems that are already available. This awareness should be applied to all faculty, institution, and unit equipment. In addition, users must maintain that using existing facilities is carried out sparingly and wisely. If it is found that the use that exceeds the limit (is seen as deviant), then the authorized manager will make restrictions on the facilities and various resources.

Regarding the use of the system, the accounts already owned by the academic community are very important and can lead to irresponsible use of the account if given to other people. So, it is expected that the user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the password and the security of his performance. Therefore, users are not allowed to share their passwords or write them down in a place where others can read. For the sake of the security of the account that has been owned, the user must change the password periodically. Users are not allowed to make efforts to find out other users’ passwords or use other user accounts and transfer accounts to other people.



  1. Free internet access within Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha can be enjoyed by all active students, lecturers, and employees registered at the university only using a username and password.
  2. The format used for usernames for active students is to use email. While the password is as stated on the printed password sheet when registering.
  3. If there is a forgotten password, the user can use the forgot password feature on each system and complain to the UPT ICT helpdesk, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, via the phone number, email, or come directly to the UPT ICT Undiksha building on the first floor.